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A guided journey through a modern IVF center

A guided journey through a modern IVF center

A guided journey through a modern IVF center

25-26 March 2019

Coordinator   F.M. Ubaldi, L. Rienzi

Speakers        F.M. Ubaldi, L. Rienzi, S. Colamaria, A. Vaiarelli, R. Maggiulli, D. Cimadomo

Location          Lectures at FERTY SCHOOLGENERA Training Center, Via G. De Notaris 1E

                        GENERA IVF Centre, Clinica Valle Giulia, Via G. De Notaris 2B



Session I

09.30     Clinical work-up

Overview on clinical state of ART

(F.M. Ubaldi)

 11.00     Coffee break

 11.30    Laboratory technologies

Overview of the modern IVF Lab: lab technologies needed to maximize success

(L. Rienzi)

12:30     Q&A and Discussion

 13:00     Lunch

 Session II

14.00     Tailoring ovarian stimulation I

(S. Colamaria)

  • Management of normal and hyper responders
  • Prevention of OHSS and cycle segmentation

15:30     Coffee break

16.00     Q&A and Discussion

16.30     End of the first day



Session III

09.30     Tailoring ovarian stimulation II

(A. Vaiarelli)

  • Management of poor responders/Natural IVF cycle
  • How to maximize the number of oocytes

 10.30     Coffee break

 11:00   Genetics in ART

(D. Cimadomo)

  • Genetic screening in infertile population
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for monogenic and chromosomal abnormalities
  • Pre-implant genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy testing
  • Noninvasive pre-natal test

12.00     Parallel sessions:

– Clinical cases

(D. Cimadomo, A. Vaiarelli)

– Genera center tour

(R. Maggiulli)

13.00     Closing lunch

 14.00     End of the course