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A guided journey through a modern IVF center

A guided journey through a modern IVF center

9-10 April

Coordinators F.M. Ubaldi, L. Rienzi, C.Alviggi

Speakers F.M. Ubaldi, L. Rienzi, S. Colamaria, A. Vaiarelli, R. Maggiulli, D. Cimadomo.

Location Lectures at: FERTY SCHOOL – GENERA Training Center, Via G. De Notaries 1E GENERA IVF Centre, Clinica Valle Giulia, Via G. De Notaris 2B


Session I

09.30     Clinical work-up

Overview on clinical state of ART

(F.M. Ubaldi)

11.00     Coffee break 

11.30     Laboratory technologies

Overview of the modern IVF Lab: lab technologies needed to maximize success

(L. Rienzi)

12:30     Q&A and Discussion

13:00     Lunch

Session II

14.00     Tailoring ovarian stimulation I

(S. Colamaria)

  • Management of normal and hyper responders
  • Prevention of OHSS and cycle segmentation

15:30     Coffee break

16.00     Q&A and Discussion

16.30     End of the first day



Session III

09.30     Tailoring ovarian stimulation II

(A. Vaiarelli)

  • Management of poor responders/Natural IVF cycle
  • How to maximize the number of oocytes

 10.30     Coffee break

 11:00  Genetics in ART

(D. Cimadomo)

  • Genetic screening in infertile population
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for monogenic and chromosomal abnormalities
  • Pre-implant genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy testing
  • Noninvasive pre-natal test

12.00     Parallel sessions:

– Clinical cases

(D. Cimadomo, A. Vaiarelli)

– Genera center tour

(R. Maggiulli)

13.00     Closing lunch

14.00     End of the course

A guided journey through a modern IVF center